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Sanitizing your nose is clinically proven to help reduce the risk of infection.

Germs live and grow in the nose. Hands spread germs, but the nose is like a revolving door where germs can enter and leave your body.

How To Sanitize Your Nose

The products below are clinically proven to kill germs in the nose and are supported with peer-reviewed hospital clinical research. Products are applied topically to the inside of the nose. Please visit each manufacturer for application instructions and further information.

Alcohol-based nasal antiseptic* Povidone iodine nasal antiseptic Mupirocin antibiotic
Topical solution Clear/orange liquid Brown thick liquid Cream/ointment
Kills germs on contact
Available to consumers without a prescription
Kills broad spectrum of germs
Formulated for daily use
Does not stain the skin
Convenient to apply
Product Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® Various brands, including 3M® Various brands, including Bactroban®
*The CDC recommends that when using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, select a product that contains at least 60% alcohol, as those are more effective at eliminating potentially harmful germs. This is also important to remember when looking for a product to sanitize your nose. There are other nasal hygiene products available to consumers such as Neti pots and saline sprays, but these are not indicated to sanitize the nose or kill germs.

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What the experts are saying…

“It’s time we educate people that sanitizing your nose is a vital routine to prevent infection.”

— Anusha Belani, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist

“Sanitizing your nose, particularly on a daily basis, can help prevent you and others from getting sick.”

— Ron Singer, MD, FAAOS, Orthopedic Surgeon

“Sanitizing the nose should be a routine practice along with washing your hands. It is the other half of prevention…”

— Dr. Michael J. Manyak, Chief Medical Advisor for Crisis Response for Accenture

“Now is the perfect time to look beyond the health care setting and encourage everyone to incorporate sanitizing the nose into their regular routines.”

— Sue Barnes, National Infection Prevention Specialist

sanitize your nose

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sanitize your nose

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